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GDG Competitions


March 23rd & 24th @ Cabin Equestrian

May 4th & 5th @ Cabin Equestrian

July 21st & 22nd @ Cabin Equestrian

August 16th (warm up) 17th & 18th - PETPLAN AREA FESTIVAL @ Cabin Equestrian

September 27th - 29th @ Bogenraith Equestrian - North East Dressage Festival

  • BD Affiliated & Unaffiliated classes & Quest

  • Schedules available on British Dressage & Horse Monkey

  • Entries via Horse Monkey

Schedules, Times & Results when available can be accessed on 


Schedules & online entries will appear here following BD approval

Need Help with Horse Monkey ?

Please in the first instance use Horse Monkey's own Help facility via their online chat icon on their website at

Gordon Dressage Group

HorseScotland National Equestrian Awards 2019

nominee Club of The Year

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