Gordon Dressage Group have ran a regular points league for many years, and in 2018 refreshed the league structure outlined below, for full rules please click on links and logos below.


Update 20/12/19 - Some of the Lochnagar League rules have been amended for the 2020 season. Please visit the Lochnagar League page for more information

The leagues are to encourage and reward participation of GDG members in GDG competitions. The structure of the Leagues we feel this gives our members the chance to compete in a robust, fair and achievable local League Championship which is in line with BD’s own grading system.

The Leagues are split as follows:

The Bennachie League is for Gold & Silver British Dressage GDG members 

The Lochnagar League is for Bronze British Dressage & Unaffiliated GDG members


The North East of Scotland Dressage Championships is a double points competition for both leagues

The GDG Quest League is for GDG members competing in the Quest Classes 

When time allows ongoing points will be displayed HERE although we can not guarantee we will have the capacity to provide this service after every competition

Riders may compete in both Leagues, as long they are eligible for the section

For example, one may be eligible to compete in Silver Elementary (Bennachie) & Bronze Medium (Lochnagar). Visit the League webpages below to see the latest results. Points up to and including the May competition are now online:

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