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GDG runs its own Members Quest League. This is for GDG members, and includes fabulous prizes trophies and championship rosettes. The GDG Quest League is for those GDG Members competing in the BD Quest Classes at GDG Quest Competitions only

5th January 2019

31st March 2019

4th May 2019 (Latest GDG Members Quest League points including May competition CLICK HERE)

30th June 2019




Schedules & Results when available can be accessed on

GDG Quest League Results 2018


Kindly sponsored by Cairnrowan Custom Homes

1st Carolyn Tough & Mill Ben

2nd Irene Stove & Maddison

3rd Lisa Maitland & Flavells Phantom

4th Lisa Reid & Doocastle Tayto

5th Jillian Christie& Tansy of Dull

6th Susan Deans& Kilpurcell Princess



Kindly sponsored by Cairnrowan Custom Homes

1st Sharon Hutcheon Spirit of Sunnyneuk

2nd Kayleigh Evans & Crossowen Angelina

3rd Pamela Mclean & Verity

4th Kayleigh Evans & Trehewyd Cardi

5th Gemma Smith & Pantyfid Crystal Fire

6th Isobel Emslie & Indigo Lord George



Kindly sponsored by Cairnrowan Custom Homes

1st lee-Anne Simpson & Toby xxxl

2nd Charis Gray & Bogton Commander

3rd Debbie Humble & Silver Hill Clover

4th Pamela Mclean & Verity

5th Clare Wilkinson & Guinness VII

6th Morag Durno & Glenlivet Fortunes



Kindly sponsored by ESBMP LTD

1st Evie Smith & Fraggle Rock

2nd Leanne Patterson & Moorbrook Rambling Rose

3rd Tommy Smith & Buddy

Our Generous Sponsor

Gordon Dressage Group is delighted to announce that it will continue to be offering Quest Club classes in 2019

Quest Club offers riders at Intro, Prelim and Novice an opportunity to take part in a fun national dressage competition – even if you’ve never competed before


You may compete either in a Team or as an Individual


Teams of three or four riders will ride as individuals across the three test levels (any combination) the best three scores count towards an overall team total. There are two age categories for teams; Under 18 (18yo & under) and Open (riders of any age)


Want to take part but individually rather that in a team? Take part in My Quest – or do both!  My Quest will follow the same regional structure as Team Quest, with regional leaderboards taking the top riders to regional and then a national final

Here’s a quick checklist to get your Quest started:

  • Are you a BD member (Quest Club membership as a minimum) and are all your horses registered (FREE Associate membership)

  • Do you have a Team Captain and a catchy name?

  • Have you registered your team with Team Quest HQ?

  • Have you looked up Quest dates in your region?

  • GDG first Quest Club date is 12th February 2017!

  • Are you ready to enter and start learning your tests?


The same applies to My Quest – only difference is that you won’t ride for a team but individually.  You’re good to go!

You’re bound to have some questions so please feel free to get in touch with Lynne Paterson or Debbie Connon, whom are our own Gordon Dressage group committee members and Quest Club coordinators within our group (


Also do have a look at

Link to GDG Quest Club flyer

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