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GDG for All

July 15, 2017


This year the Group has made steps to provide dressage competitions for all levels. We have introduced Quest events, improved our unaffiliated schedule and reduced the cost of entries for unaffiliated classes in line with the rest of the area. We have provided training and inspiring events for native pony riders along with a long term commitment for members continued training through various day time and evening events.


We have committed to bring a List 1 judge from outside of the area to all our competitions. We will continue to run neatly organised competitions on a regular basis throughout the year. These competitions include, wherever possible, classes up to Grand Prix, giving our highest level of rider a chance to compete (& qualify) on their door step.


We also run regular Test Training events at the main competition venues to allow our members to have practice runs through any test, including the highest level of tests available.


The Group's Committee includes people with a wide-ranging set of experiences (Intro to Grand Prix) and perspectives (Dressage Riders, Trainers, Judges and Parents). We all work together with the goal of providing the area with opportunities to pursue the sport of Dressage in all its forms. We also seek to provide support and encouragement for all whether your aspirations are to ride Grand Prix, participate in an Area Festival or simply to improve your riding. Gordon Dressage Group is here to support everyone who wants to take part.




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