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All Aboard GDG for 2018 - AGM News

November 23, 2017

Forty seven GDG members and supporters came along to support the Groups AGM at Newmachar Golf Club on the 22nd November 2017.


The Newmachar Golf Club is a super location for this type of event, with comfortable seating, bar & cosy lounge.


On the committee front a few minor changes as Caitlyn Padfield retired & Jackie Corsie & Debbie Connon were voted on, Jackie to continue her role as Friday morning co-ordinator and Debbie is joining Lynne on the Quest front.


 We welcomed back on board Angela Brown, who joins us to run the new points league.


The new Points League was unveiled, with all the new rules updated last night onto this website - so please have a look.


Many trophy winners turned out to pick up their prizes, one of the highlights included Carman Gammie winning the beautifully newly donated Trophy by Fiona Maxwell.


Huge applause went out for the new Volunteer of the Year Award, winning £25 Norvite vouchers, a super new trophy & lovely rosette John Owen was rewarded for all the hours he has put in over the year organising our times and negotiating the Horsemonkey system, thank you John!


Thank you to each and ever one who came to support the Group in its new era, we all feel positive for the Groups continued survival in these challenging times, and look forward to 2018





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