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Happiness is... Friday Mornings!

January 12, 2018

Friday mornings! What a great GDG institution they are. For years GDG members have benefited from regular Friday morning training, utilising the best facilities Aberdeenshire has on offer & the very best trainers here in the North East. For those that may not know, these sessions are organised as groups of three riders for an hour, always in a comfortable indoor arena and always very relaxed. When the weather is awful the rest of the week, you know you can at least ride on a Friday morning with GDG.


Recently we have tried some new trainers, and one proving very popular is the very experienced BD & UKCC Trainer Jane Rutherford, with years of experience behind her she knows how to get the best out of you & your horse.


Actually I have just returned from a super training session over at Fountain EC where Jane put King George & I along with two other riders through our paces.


Jane instructed us as a ride (working in single file), but gave us all individual attention. It struck me how fabulously confident building this [group] was, to be gently warmed up, and working through our gears whilst remaining in our relaxed ride. Thank you Jane... bingo.. I had a moment of realisation... WE NEED MORE OF THIS!


How often do we train our dressage horses to work in a ride?, if you are like me, probably rarely. However at competitions we just march into the warm up arena and literally EXPECT PrancyMcPrancyPants to just accept the chaos around him. There are riders who feel the warm up is such a challenge they avoid it all together, and maybe you are one of those riders.


Its time to tackle this head on!


So if you are feeling the fear of the warm up... join us, we have the patience, the relaxed atmosphere  and the wonderfully encouraging Jane bringing out the best in our horses & riding x



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