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December 7, 2017

Thank you to all our great volunteers & supporters for helping at our recent GDG Quest competition [3rd December 2018]. We extend a great big thank you to Ladyleys for having us & being so accommodating. Also a mention to the Ladyleys liveries having to put up with us taking over their yard, thank you for being so welcoming - we appreciate it.


The competition was a success, on many levels. Firstly, all the horses behaved, this is always a bonus. The judges commented they saw many happy willing partnerships & it was a real pleasure to judge such happy combinations, so thank you to all the competitors for putting in the hard work. I am very sure a successful Quest season lays ahead for all.


Lots of Big First Steps were taken; first competition, first affiliated competition and even first ever dressage competition! this was so exciting to watch and see the riders achieving their goals.


There are many steps to be taken in the pursuit of dreams, but the first step is often the most difficult, so well done all those first timers, what ever your goals are, good luck on your voyage!


The newly formed Quest Team ‘Go Natives’ took their first ever Quest competition in their stride, and romped home winners on the day. What a great start for them. Full results will be available shortly.


Our next Quest Competition is on the 11th February 2018, please ensure and get your entries in early to ensure everyone gets a chance to compete.


Thank you & Happy Riding x




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