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GDG MEMBERS Training Dates


GDG Subsidised Training - Members only

  • Lessons are usually kept to groups of three

  • Please keep the venues tidy and clear all droppings from the car parks

  • Cost is now £22 per session, which must be paid by BACS at time of booking -

  • [GDG Bank - Clydesdale | 82-63-10 | 00223001]

  • Bookings via Gillian Peters or Wednesday evening book direct with Jean Stephen (see below)

 Upcoming 2024 Training:

May 2024

17th - Friday morning Polework with Niamh Meehan @ The Cabin EC

27th - Afternoon Polework with Jen Morris 1pm - 4pm @ The Cabin EC

24th - Friday morning Flatwork with Jean Stephen @ The Cabin EC

31st - Friday morning Flatwork with Niamh Meehan @ The Cabin EC

June 2024

7th - Friday morning Polework with Julia Gourley @ The Cabin EC

11th - BD Test Training with Gillian Peters @ The Cabin EC - BOOK VIA HORSE MONKEY

14th - Friday morning Flatwork with Jean Stephen @ The Cabin EC

18th - Evening Polework with Jen Morris 4pm - 7pm @ The Cabin EC

20th - BD Test Training with Gillian Peters @ Tillyoch EC - BOOKING DETAILS TO FOLLOW

21st - Friday morning Flatwork with Stephen Cruickshank @ The Cabin EC

28th - Friday morning Flatwork with Niamh Meehan @ The Cabin EC



Dates are distributed via the newsletter, here on the website as above and last minute spaces are announced on the GDG FB page. Please book Friday mornings & test training with Gillian Peters directly -

Test Training

Slots are for 30mins - private test training with a BD Judge.

BD test of your choice, cost is £25 per person.

For bookings please contact Gillian Peters directly by email - -

Regular Wednesday Evenings

This weekday evening training is organised by Committee member and Instructor Jean Stephen.

The first session starts at 6pm and the second session follows on at 7pm.

There are three riders in each group at £22 per person.

Please contact Jean directly on 07718 315834 to book.

Jen Morris Polework for Dressage Horses

These training sessions are aimed at developing you & your horses' confidence and core strength using polework. They are evening sessions unless otherwise stated.

All groups will be put together according to level, so please specify if you are intro dressage but brave over poles or advanced but nervous even looking at a pole. 

If you are interested in booking in to one of the lessons, please Contact Gillian at to book. Please specify your ability/level/confidence rating :)

Volunteers & Steward Training

No training organised at the moment but always open to suggestions.

Gordon Dressage Group

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